"The Art of Seductive Baking"

WONDERFUL recipe! I tried it right away and it was a hit with my colleagues. Thanks! Silvia, Italy. Hot Lips Cupcakes

Love this recipe! Thank you! Vakva, USA. Abricot d'amour Cupcakes

I made your brownies today and took them to a friend's. They loved them to death so I gave them your link to your website. Carla, UK.

I made these the other day. They were divine. Thanks so much! Darra-May, Canada. Harem Honey Cupcakes 

Creamy Coffee Dimples   I made these in both coffee version and a spicey variation using gingerbread spices and cinnamon-flavored glaze. In both instances I baked a double batch, and they all disappeared quickly. Thank you so much!

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